This show has been running continuously since 1984, with one thousand eight hundred and nineteen performances through to August 2003. It has played in two hundred and twenty five cities throughout the Slovak and Czech Republics, Austria as well as Canada and U.S.A. Two hundred prominent guests have appeared on this immensely successful and continuously sold out performance.

This was a one-person show that Milan performed in 1989 and 1990.

This performance ran in 1989 at the "Studio 77" theater in Spisska Nova Ves, Slovakia.

This has been a stage show from1993 to 1994.

Written by P.A. Breal, this performance ran in 1996.

This has been a show from 1997 to 1998.


This show started in 1999.


Note: Despite the excellent ratings, these outstanding Radio and Television programs, could not take place in Milan's home country of Slovakia from 1994 to 1998,this is explained later in this text!


This was a comedy show with well-known guests; the theme was "A Play on Words."

Milan's co-host for this program was Peter Breiner (an internationally acclaimed composer now residing in Toronto, Canada). The live studio audience participated. There were always two to three well-known guests, including the President of the Czech and Slovak Republic, Vaclav Havel. This was a very funny program, with music and plenty of political satire.

Again with co-host Peter Breiner, some famous European guests and a live studio audience, Milan brought in the New Year, in grand style.


With Czechoslovakia, separating into the Slovak and Czech Republics, and the changing political climate, this program was timed perfectly for political satire to flourish. Milan and co-host Peter Breiner, (who commuted each month from Canada), created an influential program that focused among other subjects, on politics in this newly formed "Democratic Country."

This was a live studio audience program, with famous guests from high society, sports, stage and politics. It was through this broadcast that Milan's witty political satire became well known and with it, his immense popularity.



"Evening with Milan Markovic," had exceptionally high ratings. The viewing audience for this program was an incredible 62%.

The (1994) newly elected "HZDS" party took control of the TV stations and cancelled Milan's contract, thereby effectively banning his show from Slovak TV. This same party was in power for a short period in 1992 and their leader "Meciar was a key figure in the separation of Czechoslovakia into two separate republics. Meciar showed his true colors in 1992, therefore Milan was not surprised that he was banned from TV as Meciar feared Milan's political satire and power.

This political power of Meciar was demonstrated on November 3 - 4, 1994, when the directors of all Government run business's, including the TV stations were fired and replaced with Meciars people. This all took place between midnight and four AM. The Slovak people were shocked and still remember this devastating day. Clearly Milan's contract was cancelled, he could no longer appear on TV in his home country. Shortly after this the Slovak people presented the Deputy Prime Minister with a petition containing 100,000 names wanting the return of Milan to Slovak TV, this fell on deaf ears.

The Czech Republic, made great strides towards democracy and welcomed Milan's program on their stations. At least this allowed the Slovak people to "tune in" their favorite celebrity from another country.

The remaining television programs continue their broadcast from The Czech Republic only.


This immensely popular live variety show, is always in the top "10" ratings. Milan skillfully interviews high-profile theater, sports and political guests. The ever-changing venue, has a good blend of humor, music and of course a good dose of Milan's political satire.

This is a humorous get aquatinted show, with the participation of the renowned Czech Astrologer, Emil Havelka.

Second Intermission

Election Time, 1998

"Meciar Defeated"

Finally in the fall of 1998 an election was called and the Slovak people threw out the Meciar Government. They saw past his political savvy, charm and the real corruption that he represented. To demonstrate the previous government's corruption, some of their members are now being charged for criminal acts, one person has been charged and found guilty of kidnapping and is now serving time. During the HZDS party's rein , people who spoke out against the government sometimes were found dead under suspicious circumstances. This demonstrates the fine line that Milan had to walk. The newly elected SDK party lead by Mikulas Dzurinda supported Milan and therefore he received many offers from the Slovak TV stations to returned.

The SDK party has a tough job ahead as the HZDS party left the Countries economy in a desperate state.

"Evening With Milan Markovic" returns to great reception by the Slovak people.

The people of Slovakia would once again enjoy the humor and intellect of Milan. They feel his performances have a better healing effect then their doctors.

The renewed Slovak version of "Evening With Milan Markovic" is enjoying a great success. As always, Milan writes all his scripts and the show is done live. The guests are political figures from present government and on two occasions politicians from the previous Government also had the nerve to accept the invitation. These guests had to face the politicians the same position from the present Government. An interesting program featured the deputy Prime Minister from each party. During this program Milan asked the deputy PM from the previous Government what happened to the 100,000-signature petition he was presented? The Deputy PM said it was a long time ago and he could not remember! The audiences response told the "we don't believe you" story. Some of these programs with guests from the two parties are potentially confrontational, however Milan's superb facilitation skills turn these situations into humor. He has an uncanny way of making his point and maintaining respect. He can make a serious sensitive point with class and dignity, therefore the acceptance of his invitations by the nervous guests.